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Build pallet furniture yourself

There are days when you just want to relax, perhaps with a book in your hand or music in your ears, enjoying the peace and quiet. If the weather is good and you have a balcony, terrace or even a garden, then, like many people, you may like to do this outside. Even if you don't just want to relax but prefer to sit outside with friends or family and chat while barbecuing, you need suitable seating. Ideally, seating that is large enough for all the guests and has enough space if you want to lie down at times. Lounge furniture is the perfect choice for this.

Unfortunately, most outdoor furniture that meets the above requirements are often very expensive and therefore belong to the well thought-out purchases. In addition, ready-made furniture often does not have the right dimensions for the desired location. Also, the materials used are not always easy to clean or do not match your style. Too expensive, too complex to clean, not suitable – and maybe you compromise or even postpone the purchase of new garden furniture until next year. Do not wait any longer and just build your furniture yourself – from Euro pallets!

DIY idea living and sleeping area with Euro pallets

DIY Idea Bedroom with Euro Pallets

DIY Idea Terrace / Balcony with Euro Pallets

DIY Idea Living Room with Euro Pallets
Backrest for pallets 110cm Vicco Backrest for pallets 110cm Vicco
Backrest for pallets 110cm Vicco

£ 53 , 00

Backrests for pallet set of 2 Vicco Backrests for pallet set of 2 Vicco
Backrests for pallet set of 2 Vicco

£ 83 , 00

Siderest for pallet 70cm Vicco Siderest for pallet 70cm Vicco
Siderest for pallet 70cm Vicco

£ 51 , 00

Euro pallets furniture ideas – the all-rounders for home and garden

Pallet furniture is now on everyone's lips. The once makeshift student furniture has now become a real furnishing style. Build pallet furniture yourself is not complicated and quite easy to do even for people with little experience in crafts. Euro pallets are real all-rounders. Since they were originally designed for the transport of goods, they are extremely robust and resilient. They can withstand a weight of up to 2000 kg. Euro pallets can be treated, cut and painted as you like, so you can quickly create a unique pallet furniture that no one else has. If you are thinking about building your own pallet furniture, here are some interesting inspirations for you.

The trend of building furniture from euro pallets knows almost no boundaries. Probably the most famous and easiest to build furniture is the pallet lounge or pallet seating area. But in principle, you can build any seating furniture from pallets, for example, chairs, benches and sofas. Also pallet beds, shelves made of pallets, pallet tables, cabinets and chests of drawers made of Euro pallets and even raised beds made of pallets for the garden are no problem for hobby craftsmen.

Building furniture for children from pallets

The majority of commercially available pallets are imported from abroad. They are therefore subject to the import regulations for the international shipment of solid wood packaging of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC for short). The prescribed standards of the IPPC are intended to prevent fungi, microorganisms or insects from being exported abroad. To ensure this for Euro pallets, they are treated in a special drying process. In the process, the moisture is almost completely removed from the wood, which on the one hand ensures that all living organisms die off, but on the other hand also removes any breeding ground for mold from the wood. This makes Euro pallets extremely robust and very resistant to weather conditions. This resistance makes pallet furniture the perfect choice not only in the garden, on the balcony or terrace, but also in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms or basements.

Self-made pallet furniture is a popular all-rounder for outdoors and indoors - for young and old. Because even for children, great furniture can be built from Euro pallets. A children's bed made of pallets with additional storage space for toys and small cavities that can serve as hiding places will become the new favorite place in the children's room. With a play tower or playhouse made of pallets or a pallet children's kitchen, the next children's birthday party in the garden will be the highlight of the year.

Building furniture from pallets - create a real unique furniture

You do not want a piece of furniture off the rack? Then just build yourself a cozy sitting area. Whether for indoors or outdoors, homemade pallet furniture is a great alternative everywhere. How many pallets you need mainly depends on how big you want the seating area to be. To make an average pallet sofa, you will need between 4 and 6 standard euro pallets. These measure 120 cm x 80 cm x 14,5 cm and, apart from a special drying process, are usually untreated. You can buy the pallets in hardware stores or pallet stores or buy them at auction online on well-known platforms. However, often these pallets are used and look rather rustic and a little worn. In case you decide to buy used pallets, when you want to build a pallet sofa yourself, you should make sure that you sand the pallets beforehand. If you do not want to use used Euro pallets, you can also find sites on the Internet that offer so-called furniture pallets. These are new and specially designed for pallet furniture.

How to make and care for pallet furniture

Making pallet furniture yourself is not expensive, you don't have to be a brilliant craftsman and you do not need a lot of materials. For most pieces of furniture, all you really need are screws, nails, a cordless screwdriver, a hammer, a sander, as well as a folding rule and possibly writing and drawing utensils. Also, keep a saw handy in case you need to cut anything in some places. Then screw the euro pallets together. We also recommend attaching suitable pallet backrests from our online shop. The backrests are specially designed for pallet furniture. They hold the pallet cushions in place and ensure a more comfortable sitting experience.

Especially for outdoor use, you should always treat the pallet furniture with various wood preservatives so that it is completely wind and weather-resistant and you can enjoy it for a long time. In order to optimally protect the wood of the Euro pallets for outdoor use, we recommend the use of special wood stains or wood varnishes. If you want to set up your pallet furniture indoors and possibly color it, then it is best to use air-permeable chalk paint. This gives the furniture a great look and still allows the wood to breathe.

Create your individual furniture from euro pallets

Do you want furniture that suits you and your outdoor area? Then build your own custom made pallet furniture and create a completely unique piece. Create an area in the garden that feels a bit like vacation with your own pallet lounge or build a nice sitting area on the balcony where you can forget about the time while chatting with your friends. Self-made pallet furniture will be a real highlight in your garden. In combination with the matching seat cushions, back cushions and side cushions, you will give your seating furniture made of Euro pallets that extra bit of coziness. If you don't want to buy single cushions, then you can also find great pallet cushion sets in our assortment. Don't hesitate any longer, grab your cordless screwdriver and grinder and build your custom pallet furniture!

DIY Idea Living Room with Euro Pallets

DIY Idea Living Room with Euro Pallets

DIY idea children's playground with euro pallets
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