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Order matching backrests for your pallet furniture online

Backrest for pallets 110cm Vicco Backrest for pallets 110cm Vicco
Backrest for pallets 110cm Vicco

£ 53 , 00

Backrests for pallet set of 2 Vicco Backrests for pallet set of 2 Vicco
Backrests for pallet set of 2 Vicco

£ 83 , 00

Siderest for pallet 70cm Vicco Siderest for pallet 70cm Vicco
Siderest for pallet 70cm Vicco

£ 51 , 00

What could be better than relaxing in the garden, on the balcony or terrace in sunny weather? When the winter with its uncomfortable days is over, then many people just want to get outdoors again and enjoy great moments with family or friends, finally having a barbecue again and spending time chatting with each other in a cozy atmosphere. Now there' s only one thing missing: a suitable seat that offers space and comfort for everyone! Discover the high-quality assortment in the online shop of palletcushions24 and create your new seating corner from Euro pallets. The various combination options here offer countless possibilities for individual design. With our high-quality cushions and pallet backrests, specially designed for furniture made of Euro pallets, you can be creative indoor and outdoor.

For even more comfort: add high-quality pallet backrest to pallet furniture

A large lounge corner is just the thing if you have several guests and want to sit comfortably. If you do not want to buy ready-made garden furniture, but want to create something individual and exceptional, then a self-built lounge is perfect for you! Depending on how big you build it, a seating corner made of pallets will fit anywhere – on the balcony, a large terrace and, of course, in the garden. But pallet furniture is not only a highlight outdoors, due to its flexibility in construction, it is also suitable for indoors and looks great in any room.

Euro pallets can serve as the basis for many pieces of furniture. Let yourself be inspired by our creative ideas. However, in order for the new furniture to look really inviting, you need an appropriate pallet backrest. Because only by attaching a backrest your pallet sofa is complete and provides the necessary support for the cushions. Especially if your furniture is free-standing and not on a wall, you definitely need a backrest to hold the back cushions and side cushions in place. At palletcushions24 you will find matching backrests for your furniture made of Euro pallets.

Our pallet backrests are robust and provide sufficient support

A pallet bench with a matching backrest makes sitting on cozy, long summer evenings extremely pleasant for you and your guests. The backrests are attached directly to the Euro pallet with sturdy steel brackets. Due to the steel angles and the solid wood, the backrests provide sufficient support by leaning against them. In combination with our comfortable seat cushions, you can create your own personal lounge landscape in no time. The pallet backrests are sturdy and durable. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Have a look around our online shop and order useful pallet backrests and beautiful cushions in your desired color for your pallet furniture easily and conveniently online.

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